February 11, 2017


Questra review: the way to make money without effort

Questra review

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Questra review

Questra review: How do they earn  money?

Questra World is an investment company that, among other things, deals with investments in major real estate projects and ipo’s (initial public offering). Every week 25 top managers are working for you to achieve the highest possible returns.
Questra has been split up into 2 companies: Questra World and Atlantic Global Asset Management (AGAM). The reason for it is the fact that in many countries a split should exist between returns on investment and returns on the partner programs. This has to do with tax rules. Questra is for the part of the partners and AGAM for the investors’ part.

How can I earn money with Questra?

By investing money that is going to yield returns for you. You get weekly paid. You can withdraw or reinvest this money.

How much can I invest?

You can start already with 90 euros. With this money, you buy a white portfolio. Below an overview of all the possibilities.

Questra review

If you buy a portfolio, for example the red package, and you have the yield paid weekly, you will have an amount of 19.683 euros after a year.
You also can decide to reinvest (a part of) the yield by buying new portfolios. Weekly it pays less, but finally your profit will be higher.

If you have 3 portfolios of the same value, you can combine them to a more expensive portfolio. The duration will be the average of the 3 portfolios.
You can choose to insure your portfolios against an eventual loss. This will cost 10% of the weekly revenue.

How can I sign up?

Via the button above, you enter the site of Atlantic Global Asset Management. Here you will be guided step-by-step through the process. For extensive instructions, Questra review has a manual: click here.


How can I deposit and withdraw money?

There are several possibilities to deposit money on Questra. On the page of Payment Systems, you can learn more about the different systems.
There are several internet banks, you can use bitcoins, but of course also your regular bank.

Is Questra a safe investment?

It is obvious that we can never guarantee anything, but after what we have seen, it looks quite good.

The company is headquartered in Madrid and has several offices in Europe. Our Dutch upline, who in the meantime has become a certified partner, has been in Madrid and to a multi-day conference in Turkey, where he met many members of the board, employees and investors.
Questra has the Certificate of Good Standing and opens ever more offices in Europe. In Germany, an application is running for the approval by the BaFin (the regulator of the financial markets).

Questra review

From our own experience, we can confirm that, until now, the profits have been paid nicely every Friday night, that the payments by the different payment systems are going well and that the response to our questions has been fast and accurate.

Conclusion of our Questra review: it is safe enough to invest our money in Questra.

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