February 19, 2017

Questra Partner Program

Questra Partner Program

QuestraPartner Program

Besides earning money as an investor, you can also earn money by bringing in new investors.

Questra has split up its business into: an investor’s part and a partner’s part. The partner’s part is accommodate in Questra World.

The Questra Partner Program consists of 2 parts: Direct Commission and Partner Bonuses. The Direct Commission gives you immediately a percentage share of the investment of those you have recruited, the Partner Bonus is awarded when you brought in a certain amount of money.

Questra Commission

The picture below shows an indication of the percentages of the commissions, depending on the level you reached.

Questra Partner Bonus

Questra Bonus

Below you can see how many bonuses you can earn. Qp means Questra Points. Each point equals 1 euro.

Questra Partner Program