February 18, 2017

Internet Payment Systems

An overview of the most used internet payment systems.

Internet Payment Systems

A payment system, why?

With an internet payment, it is easy to move money without high costs. Because it is done digitally, it never takes long before the money has been moved.
You can also quickly switch between different currencies and it is easy to make use of Bitcoins, a now widely accepted digital currency.

For tax purposes, companies engaged in online investments, often make use of banks outside the EU. By making use of an internet payment system a payment or a payout, it is a piece of cake. On this page, you will find an overview of the payment systems we are making use of and that, in our opinion, are safe and user friendly.

XapoInternet Payment Systems


Xapo is a provider for a Bitcoin Wallet. Until now, the most secure provider we have encountered. Bitcoin is a digital coin, that is becoming increasingly popular. In general, a fast payment that is accepted online anywhere. Xapo is very well protected by a PIN and a unique code that you can call on your smartphone via your app. They also have a double protected safe (vault) where you can store your bitcoins assured.

With a Sepa transfer you can transfer money to your account, via your bank. This allows you to buy Bitcoins. With the Bitcoins, you can pay almost everything very fast online.

You can withdraw money via the Xapo debit card. This card is accepted worldwide in ATMs and shops.

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Perfect MoneyInternet Payment Systems


PerfectMoney is one of the oldest internet banks. Over the years this bank has proven itself as a reliable bank for the online movement of money.

You can get online many things with it and in general the exchange rates are very favorable. The big drawback is that you must make some effort to get your money on this bank. A Sepa transfer is not possible and they do yet not have an own debit card.

You cannot avoid to have another addition to this service to actually get your hands on the money.

However, the low costs make it worthwhile, especially at higher amounts.

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AdvcashInternet Payment Systems


Advcash is a very user friendly internet bank. More and more online investors make use of this internet payment system. The transfer from your own bank to Advcash goes through a regular Sepa transfer. This is free of charge and takes several working days. Once you have your money in the Advcash account, you can easily transfer it to where you want.

You can set the security level yourself by, for example, using an sms code or a (paid) single security code to log in.

Withdraw money is a lot easier. You can apply for a prepaid credit card. This costs 14,99 euros. If you order it in the first week after registration, you will get a discount of 10 euros. With this credit card, you can withdraw money worldwide, pay online and in shops.

Registering is simple. You still must identify yourself with a photo of your passport. Do not forget to write a text on your picture to prevent ID fraud.

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