How does it work, high interest with low effort?

How can I get high interest without any effort? We will show you how.

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How does a bank make money?

A major Dutch bank has made a return of 13,4% on equity in the third quarter od 2016. In simple words, this means that the money (amongst others your money!) that the bank owns, is invested in various ways. Share trading, real estate transactions, foreign trade, art trade etc. To reward you for the money you give them (by depositing it in a savings account) you now get an interest rate of about 0,5% a year. This is a bit weird, considering, that the bank earns between 4 and 5% per month with your money.

A bank therefore has a lot of expenses, such as buildings, salaries to employees, offices and of course, high bonuses.

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Can that not be done differently?

More and more financial experts working in a bank, use their expertise to start their own financial business. They develop their own system to achieve efficiencies. Just like a bank they are looking for money , for example your money, to work with and to make returns.

As opposed to a bank, they do not have high costs. They often make use of several computers and servers, their own software and a small office. They use the Internet and customer networks to attract new customers.

To reward you for the money you give them, they can pay you a  high interest rate. In the meantime, there are many programs to be found on the Internet.

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What do we do?

We are looking for reliable systems with high returns. Our prerequisite is to work with an upline (someone we know through the system and who introduces us) who is experienced in the system, who can show us demonstrable results and who can explain the system clearly.

We strive for systems with the following characteristics:
The systems must be evident about the products that generate their returns. Besides they have to dispose of an office in a European country, they must have a visiting address and they have to be recognized and certificated by a financial institution.

Sometimes however, there are other reasons to opt for a system, for example a good reference from a trusted relationship.

No matter how carefully we work, the making of high profits always involves a risk, just like investing in stocks and shares. We advise everyone only to invest money you do not need instantly, and we advise you urgently to read our disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

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Which programs  make high interest?

All systems we write about, we know from our own experiences. In all the systems, we have invested money that yields profits for us. But like investing in shares or even depositing your money on a savings account at a bank, always remember: spread your risks! Think of the Icesave or the DSB, there is no guarantee.

Most of the systems make their money in their specific way. In this way, we do not only spread the risks over the systems, but also over the different branches.

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