February 9, 2017

Grinta invest

Grinta Invest Arbitrage Systeem

A Grinta invest review. Win with Fintech.

Grinta invest review

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How does Grinta invest earn money?


Grinta invest is a broker in the so called FinTech world, a merger between finance and technology. In our blog about FinTech, you can read more about this.
Fintech uses new technologies to offer financial services faster, more efficient and cheaper.

Grinta-invest operates in a niche market of Forex (foreign exchange), that means trading in currencies. Grinta developed a system that monitors the rates of exchange of currencies of 16 different banks (like JP Morgan, Citibank and Deutsche Bank). The power of the system is the speed.

Close to the all the 16 banks that Grinta works with are placed 16 servers. These servers connect to the trading systems of the banks. When there is a delay in the rate of a certain currency (because the tradevolume is high)) the systems opens a trade. Within a few seconds the trade is closed, because the rates at other banks are different. The system made a small profit now.

The trades can be checked at MyFcbook, an independent website for Forexsystems.
Here you can see a realtime example of one if the Grinta clients:

How can I earn Money with Grinta-invest?


Because the profits are small, Grinta-invest offer you the possibility to take advantage of their system. In exchange they ask a so called profitshare. On the profit you make on your money you pay a profitshare of 40%. If you start an account via our website, you pay only 30%. This profitshare will be deducted every quarter of a year.
The system will make you a profit of 4% to 8% every month.


Grinta invest review


How much can I invest?

The system is designed for accounts over € 100.000.

We made a deal with Grinta, that you can start with an investment of € 2.500,- . The condition is that you let your account grow to € 10.000 within 1 year. If you don’t do that, your account will be closed and you get your money back.

The € 2.500,- start investment will be in your account for 1 year. If you decide to close the account earlier, you pay a penalty. This penalty is only on the profits you made (and not, like with banks on your initial investment)


For investing and withdrawals, Grinta doesn’t charge any fees.

How can i sign up?

To create an account you click here.

Fill out the webform and accept the conditions. Now you have an account.

To verify your account, you need to upload a copy of your passport, a proof of your residence (a utility or phonebill, less than 2 months old). If you want to pay with creditcard or bank, you need to upload a copy of your creditcard or bankcard. (You van hide your card and accountnumber).

You can upload the documents in the menu on the left side. Click on ‘upload documents’.

Payment options

There are several possibilities to deposit and to withdraw money without fees.

  • By bank transfer
  • By credit card: Visa / mastercard (instant)
  • By eWallets: Skrill / Neteller (instant)

Grinta invest review: a safe investment?


We have personal contact with one of the partners of Grinta invest,. He showed us the system.
The trades can be checked.

Grinta is regulated by the MFSA on Malta, and in the future by the FCA, the financial watchdog in Londen.

We are in Grinta for almost a year now, and everything goes smooth. If there are any problems, the support is great. (mail, phone, whatsapp or skype).
The witdrawals go by bank without problems.


We believe this is a safe system based on a longterm investment,

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