February 11, 2017

Evo Binary

Evo Binary review: take advantage of years of Forex Trading experience 

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How does Evo Binary earn money?

Evo Binary deals with automated Forex Trade (Foreign Currency Trading). They developed a robot, that executes transactions 5 days a week 24 hours a day. On the website, you can find a detailed log of all transactions.

Evo Binary Review


How can I earn money with Evo Binary?

You can invest your money in one of the Evo Binary plans. You pay a fee and the major part of this fee will be used to trade in foreign currency. The profit on your money is 27% and will monthly be deposited into your account.

How much can I invest?

Evo Binary has several investment plans available. Below an overview.

Evo Binary review

Each plan has its own fee. In the overview below you can see which part of your money is actually used to invest. The yellow part shows the amount that is credited every month to your account. On the invested part, this is a profit of 27%. The invested part is fixed for a year where after it will be released. You can either collect or reinvest it. The money that you receive monthly on your account can also be withdrawn or reinvested.
Evo Binary review

Imagine you buy a Master Plan. You invest an amount of 3000 euros. On this amount, a fee of 1000 euros will be calculated. So, you start with 2000 euros. During 12 months, you receive monthly an amount of 540 euros on your account. When you do not reinvest this money, you have a free amount of 12 x 540 plus your investment of 2000 euro. With an investment of 3000 euros, you end up with an amount of 8480 euros. You can also reinvest your earned money and upgrade your Plan to a higher one. This yields after the term even more.

 How can I sign up?

Via the button above, you enter the site of Evo Binary. Here you will be guided step-by-step through the process. Should you have any questions about this, we are here for you.

 How can I deposit and withdraw money?

Evo Binary has 3 possibilities to deposit money:

Advcash, Bitcoin and Neteller.

On the page of Payment Systems, you can learn more about the different systems.


Is Evo Binary a safe investment?

It is obvious that we can never guarantee anything, but after what we have seen, it looks very good.

The company is headquartered in Lisbon and in Dubai. Our Dutch upline has been in Lisbon and spoke with the CEO. He also could see how the systems work.

Evo Binary has the Certificate Incorporation in Dubai and features a license that allows it to sell this financial product in Dubai.

Evo Binary review

From our own experience, we can confirm that, until now, the profits are paid out nicely every 5th of the month, that the payments by the different payment systems work smoothly and that the response to our questions is fast and accurate.

In our opinion it is safe enough to invest our money in Evo Binary.

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