February 17, 2017

ETHtrade review

ETHtrade review: read our findings below

ETHtrade review

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How does ETHtrade earn money?

ETHtrade, trades in cryptocurrency. They have a l lot of knowledge of the trade in Ethereum and Bitcoins.
They carry trades daily, naturally with their specialized software. Of the profits that they make, they can make a return of 0.5 to 1%. You can cash the profit or reinvest it (fully automatically).

Every week there will be a full summary on the site, with a commentary on the financial week.

ETHtrade review

How can I make money with ETHtrade?

By investing in ETHtrade you can benefit from the knowledge and experience of the traders of ETHtrade. You deposit an amount (minimum 10 euros).
Your profit will be credited to your account from Monday to Friday. You can choose to reinvest your money (automatically) or to pay out your profit.
In a clear dashboard, you can simply control everything. There is even a calculator where you can calculate your profit.

ETHtrade review

How can I sign up?

Via the button above or below, you enter the site of ETHtrade. Click the button sign up and a window appears, where you enter your email address.
The rest takes care of itself. Should you have any questions, please contact us.

How can I deposit and withdraw money?

ETHtrade has 3 ways to deposit and withdraw money: Bitcoins, Ethers and Advcash.
On our page Payment Systems, you will find more information about several systems.

ETHtrade review

Until now our experience with ETHtrade can be considered as good.  They give clarity about their activities, provide clear market analyzes and pay out nicely.

ETHtrade has a license that allows to sell this product in Hong-Kong. From the idea that the cryptocurrency is going to take a big flight in the coming years, especially in China, Hong-Kong is a logical choice.

ETH review

A visit to the headquarters in Hong-Kong is still on the agenda. Nevertheless, it all looks good and we consider it an added value to our investment portfolio.
It deserves, as always, the recommendation to only invest money that you do not need immediately and to withdraw (part of) your investment first.

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