March 30, 2017

Cryp Trade Capital Review

Cryp Trade Capital Review: Earnmoney with Cryptotrading

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How does CTC earn money?

CTC is a relatively new company, with a couple af talented cryptcurrencytraders. They trade with automated software in currencies such as Bitcoins and Ethers.
Due to the big differences in value, they are capable of earning money, no matter the increase or decrease of the value.

Cryp Trade Capital Review

How can I earn money with CTC?

Invest in one of the portfolio’s and earn a daily interest up to 0.99%. You can withdraw your daily interest or re-invest it (from $ 50,-)

Your invested capital is valid for one year. After that period your portfolio expires.

How much can I invest?

You can choose from 3 portfolio’s:

  • Cryptrade.standart (from $ 50,- tot$ 4.999,- 0,59% per day)
  • Cryptrade.mega (from $ 5.000,- to $ 9.999,- 0,79% per day)
  • (from $ 10.000,- to $ 20.000,- 0,99% per day)

In this picture you can see an example of your profits:

Cryp Trade Capital Review

The payout of profits will take place every 15th and 30th of each month.

Payouts are possible daily.

It’s also possible to bring in new partners, but thats not mandatory. You can earn extra bonusses.

You can read about the partnerprogram here.

How can I create an account?

Click here to create an account.

On the top right you click on registration.

Cryp Trade Capital Review

Fill in the asked information and click on register.

Now, your account is created.

Fill in some personal information.
Click in the left menu on ‘profile settings’ to enter your profile:

Cryp Trade Capital Review

On the next page you see three items.

Edit them all, and don’t forget to fill out your payment details:

Cryp Trade Capital Review

How can I fund and withdraw?

There are three ways to fund and withdraw: Advcash, Perfectmoney and bitcoins.
On our page Payment Systems you can read more.

To fund your account follow these instructions:

In your dashboard, click on replenish:

Cryp Trade Capital Review

Choose your amount and your paysystem and click on replenish. Follow the instructions and the money will be on your account instantly.

Now you can buy your portfolio.
Choose Investment in the left menu.

Choose the portfolio you want to buy.

Click on buy, choose your amount and your wallet and create your portfolio.

You can withdraw by clicking the withdraw button.

Cryp Trade Capital Review:A safe investment?

Despite the fact that it’s a young company, they have great potential.

They registered in december 2016 in Allicante (Spain).

You can make an appointment and visit the company in Allicante.

Our upline has been there in march 2017. He looked into their tradingsoftware and checked the results.

The results were real and verified.

We think it’s a safe investment.

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