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How does it work?

High interest, low effort

The interest on your saving account is very low nowadays, meanwhile banks still earn about 5% a month. A bank therefore has a lot of expenses, such as buildings, salaries to employees, offices and of course, high bonuses.

More and more financial experts working in a bank, use their expertise to start their own financial business. They develop their own program to achieve efficiencies. Just like a bank they are looking for money , for example your money, to work with and to make returns. As opposed to a bank, they do not have high costs. They often make use of several computers and servers, their own software and a small office. They use the Internet and customer networks to attract new customers. To reward you for the money you give them, they can pay you a much higher interest rate.

We are looking for reliable programs with high interests
All peograms we write about, we know from our own experiences. In all the programs, we have invested money that yields profits for us.

We prefer programs which are easy to explain an cost us not much time.

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Forex HFT system
4 to 8 % a month

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Forex Robot
27% a month

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Ipo’s and projects
4 to 6% a week

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